Policies & Procedures

Metropolitan Care has the following policies and procedures:

  • Recruitment, Assessment of young people, Management of Young Peoples’ Placements, Care of Young People in Placement, Child Protection, Young People and Their Rights, Personnel and Training.
  • Child Protection (Safeguarding Policy) – All young people placed in our care have their well-being enhanced and are protected from harm. Our child protection procedures are compatible with Local Safeguarding Children’s Board procedures.

All placements have a risk assessment and behaviour management plan and safe caring policy which is updated as required for every new placement and in line with any changes in circumstances.

  • Complaints Procedure

Metropolitan care has a clear and robust complaints policy and associated procedure. Wherever possible we aim to resolve complaints in an informal manner by discussion with all concerned parties. We recognise that sometimes there are issues that cannot be resolved informally, and a more structured system is in place. In these circumstances the complaint would be investigated by our Complaints manager. We also employ an independent arbitration officer. Following the investigation, recommendations would be made to the Team Manager. The complainant is involved at every stage of the process. As an agency Metropolitan care look upon complaints in a positive manner and understand that it may be an opportunity to improve and refine our working practices.